How It Works?

Rising Tide Reviews generates recurring great reviews using both an automated software system and a unique smartphone app.

Automated Software

This system can send email or text message requests for a review. The messages can be customized for each specific business. The time frame for sending the messages can also be customized. 

The system is affiliated with numerous review platforms, which can be chosen based on which platforms are the best sites for the specific business.

Smartphone App

The unique smartphone app facilitates asking customers for a review. It makes the process quick and easy both for the business and the customer. 

It is so easy that the customer response rate often approaches 100%.

Automated Review Generating Software

This software works behind the scenes generating reviews by email or text message allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

It generates review requests which are sent in an unbiased process and complies with the terms of service of the various review platforms.

It allows you to choose to send email or SMS text message requests.

It allows you to customize how often a recurring customer is asked to leave a review.

It allows you to link your review requests to the review platforms which are the most appropriate for your specific busines.

It allows the emails sent requesting reviews to be customized to your business’ specific nomenclature and needs.

It provides 24/7 monitoring of your business’ selected review platforms.

It allows you to customize which review platform you want to prioritize this week, this month, or this quarter.

It can automatically post your good reviews to your business’ website or Facebook site.

Smartphone Application

Check Out How Easy This 3 Step, 60 Second,
5 Star Review Process Works

Step 1: Customer scans your unique QR code with his/her smart phone.This QR code links the customer to chosen review sites.

Take advantage of our simple review landing pages to get reviews on a tablet or smartphone. Ask for reviews while customers are waiting or ready to leave to increase the chances of a detailed testimonial.

image of review step 2

Step 2: Customer enters his/her information and provides ratings & reviews of you on the chosen review site/sites.

Step 2: Customer enters his/her information and provides ratings & reviews of you on the chosen review site/sites.

Our automated system will reach to your patients politely and handle the management of reviews through personalized email messages to keep negative feedback private and let positive feedback appear on multiple review sites.

image of review step 2

Step 3: You are notified by email and/or text when Customer's submit reviews and you may view the reviews on your smart phone app.

You will be immediately notified by the system through app notifications/email/text about a review submission of the patients. This enables you to have total control over your reviews that appear on multiple websites.

image of review concept

​Build Your Business Review Profile With Ease.

Rise above the competition by growing your positive reviews.

With Rising Tide Review’s seamless process, optimize your customers’ experience in your services, engage to turn unhappy customers into happier ones, and harness customer reviews for outstanding “word of mouth” and long-lasting positive reputations.

73% of consumers say reviews older than 1 month are irrelevant. How old are your reviews?