Rising Tide Reviews uses a review generating system to help businesses grow their customer base and revenue by greatly improving their online reviews.

This system includes an automated review generating software, in addition to a unique smartphone app.

Online reviews have become vital to the health of every business. In fact, online reviews are now directly correlated with revenue.

Great Reviews = Greater Revenue!

Rising Tide Reviews was started by Dr. Ben Holt.

At the time RTR was founded, Dr. Holt was a practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon. He was a partner in a large private practice orthopaedic group. From the time he began his practice, he became very busy. For example, very quickly after he started, his next new patient appointment was six weeks or more away. His surgery schedule also became busy right away. His surgery schedule of knee and hip replacements, which was his subspecialty expertise, was booked for several months ahead.

His busy practice remained busy for 25 years.

Then, something changed!
After 25 years, the busy practice slowed. In fact, it slowed dramatically. It slowed so much that, at every clinic day, his next new patient appointment was today! That meant he had empty new patient appointment slots in every clinic. His surgery schedule slowly became less busy. He was booked for surgeries only three weeks ahead, not three months as it had been for so many years.
Dr. Holt then spent several months examining his practice. He talked to patients. He talked to referring physicians. He talked to his staff. He talked to his partners. They weren’t having the same issues. Then, he looked himself up online!

He then saw what patients saw.

His Google reviews, which were almost the first thing seen on a Google search of himself, revealed a rating of 3.0 with only four old reviews. Certainly, not consistent with his abilities. And certainly, not a profile that would encourage patients to make an appointment.

He spent almost all his spare time researching online reviews. Could his poor review profile be the reason for his slowing business? His research indicated it was at least one factor.

Dr. Holt set out to improve his reviews.
He looked at available systems of review generation, but none seemed any different from what his group was already using. Yet, his group’s system had failed him.
Dr. Holt then looked for other systems or apps that could help request and receive online reviews. He couldn’t find what he wanted.

So, he created a smartphone app to make this process easier!

He then coupled the smartphone app with an automated review generating software to create a review generating system. He called this system, Rising Tide Reviews.


Dr. Holt said,

“the name is based on the old saying that, a rising tide lifts all boats. The idea was that a rising tide of good reviews would lift all aspects of the business.”

The improved reviews would increase awareness of the business. They would improve interest in the business. They would improve confidence in the business. They would bring in more new customers.

Reviews really do matter!


Dr. Holt used the RTR system in his own practice and greatly improved his review profile. He went from a rating of 3.0 with 4 reviews to a rating of 4.9 with over 125 reviews.

Not only had his review profile improved dramatically as a result of using Rising Tide Reviews, his practice became very busy. There were no more empty new patient appointment slots. His surgery schedule was back to being full for 10-12 weeks.

Since he had learned from his own experience how important online reviews are to businesses today, he decided others should have access to this review generating system.

That’s how Rising Tide Reviews began. At first, Dr. Holt ran RTR as a side business with his primary business being orthopaedic surgery. Over time, however, he became so passionate about the importance of online reviews to businesses, he decided to retire from his orthopaedic practice.

He now concentrates on helping businesses grow. Over the past few years, it has been shown in every industry that online reviews are vital to business growth.

Rising Tide Reviews is focused on helping businesses grow by generating numerous, recurring, great online reviews!