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Understand the voice of your customer to improve experiences, build loyalty, and create a seamless customer journey.

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Add Your Review Platforms

Add your various business review platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, Healthgrades where reviews are accepted. This process takes minutes to complete since RTR takes care of all the formatting for you. Once your platforms are added, you’re ready to start sending review requests.

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Push Online Reviews To Various Review Platforms

When we collect reviews from your customers, we give them a simple process to post the same review across all of your review platforms. Your customers are taken to a simple landing page where they post their detailed review.

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Distribute reviews to build local visibility

RTR’s process of automatic filtering through positive and negative reviews made the review process seamless. If the customers review is positive, RTR automatically helps to distribute that review to your review platforms by showing your available profiles. The reviewer is presented with a quick & easy two-click process to copy/paste their review to these third parties. 

Ready To Boost Your Online Presence Through Reviews?

Increase your visibility online, get new customers and grow your business faster than ever before with Rising Tide Reviews.

Send Review Requests

Automatically request customers to review your service. Simply add their email address or phone number to the RTR control panel and let us handle the rest. You’ll be notified when a review is submitted.

Connect With Top Platforms

RTR platform distributes your reviews to multiple sources. We integrate with the popular review services such as Facebook & Google as well as industry specific platforms like Healthgrades.

Automated Follow-Ups

RTR automates the review follow-up process. Our system sends your review request emails on your schedule in the intervals you specify. 

Branded Review Process

Fully branded user review process. Your logo & business information appears front and center when your customer fills out their review. 

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A simple way to get happy customers to leave feedback on the sites that matter most.