Are your Online Reviews Good Enough?

Businesses today know that reviews and revenue are directly correlated.

Better reviews = Better revenue

of consumers say an online review convinced them to avoid a business.


81% of consumers read Google reviews in evaluating a business


image of online feedback

There Is No Longer A Question Whether Online Reviews Are Important For Businesses. ​


Therefore, REVIEWS MATTER To Businesses!

Rising Tide Reviews uses a combination of an automated software system and a unique smartphone app to generate recurring reviews for your business that are not just good enough, but are actually great!

What is the benchmark for “Good Enough”?

The benchmark for reviews includes three important factors:
  1. Star rating – What is the star number?
  2. Recency – How recently were the reviews posted?
  3. Total number – How many total reviews are on the site?

Star Rating

Surveys show that 57% of consumers will only use a business which has a 4-star or better rating.

In addition, if a consumer searches on Google for a “best …” search, (best landscaper, best knee doctor, etc), Google’s algorithm will only show businesses in the “local pack” which have at least a 4-star or better rating. Therefore, the goal for businesses should be to have a 4-star rating at a minimum. Beyond that, the desired rating should be equal to or better than the biggest competitors.


Recent surveys show that 73% of consumers consider reviews older than 1 month to be irrelevant.

Previous surveys revealed that 85% of consumers considered any review older than 3 months was irrelevant.

The message from these surveys is that consumers are increasingly wanting to see much more recent reviews in order to trust that business with their needs.

Total Number of Reviews

Surveys reveal that consumers want to see a minimum of 40 reviews in order to believe they are authentic.

Consumers have learned to be skeptical. They worry that only 10-15 reviews could just be friends or family members of the business owners leaving reviews. That appears manufactured. It seems less likely that 40 or more reviews are manufactured. Therefore, the reviews appear more authentic. Realistically, businesses need at least, but preferably more, reviews than their biggest competitors.

Be the Business They Choose

Attract, acquire, and retain more customers with higher ratings, better reviews, and by ensuring an exceptional customer experience across all your locations.