Our Breakthrough System Generates Positive Patient Reviews AND Gets You More Patients, Guaranteed!

Most doctors use an automated software system to manage their patient reviews. The system sends an email or text message to patients after their clinic visit asking for a review and rating. 

Generally, less than 10% of patients follow through and leave a review.

Alternatively, it has been shown that when a doctor personally asks a
patient in person to post an online review, 70% of the patients do so.

So, what's the Secret?

Get the review when they're most likely to give it to you.

The Rising Tide Reviews APP makes asking patients for reviews quick and easy.

Be The Patient's Choice

Take Control of Your Reputation Today

Be The Patient's Choice

Take Control of Your Reputation Today & Book More Surgeries

So, asking a patient for a review results in a 60% improvement in the number of patients leaving you a review. The Rising Tide Reviews App makes this process quick and easy for you and your patients.

Since your reputation is tied to the quality of your online reviews, this app allows you much more control of your online reputation.

And the better your online reputation, the more new patients you will see.

Why is this so important?

Your patients are satisfied with your care,
it’s time your online presence conveys that

Most patients are very happy with their doctor. However, happy patients are much less likely to leave an online review if they are not asked to do so.

On the other hand, unhappy patients, which are a much smaller percentage, are much more likely to leave an online review – a more negative review. So, the majority of reviews posted about a doctor who doesn’t personally ask for reviews are less positive and may even tend toward the negative.

That leaves a doctor rating that is not a true reflection of the views of the majority of that doctor’s patients.

Asking for reviews then tends to increase the number of positive reviews by increasing the number of posted reviews from happy patients. This results in a much more accurate reflection of the doctor’s practice.

That is why asking patients for reviews is so important!

So, how do you increase your positive patient reviews by 60%?

By asking for the review when they’re most likely to give it to you and making it easy for them to review you.

The Rising Tide Reviews App facilitates this process.
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Take Control Of Your Online Reputation
The RTR App facilitates doctors asking for reviews which results in a 60% improvement in the number of patients leaving a review.
Accurately reflect the quality of your practice

Using the RTR app results in more patient reviews. More reviews conveys a
more accurate picture of your practice.

Managing Multiple Platforms Seamlessly
The RTR App helps you manage your reputation across multiple review sites through a seamless communication strategy.

Your Revenue Depends on it.

​Boost Your Online Reputation And Start Attracting More Patients Online.

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Ask For Reviews When They're Eager to Give it To You and Keep It Simple

Take advantage of our simple review landing pages to get reviews on a tablet or Smartphone in your office or waiting room. Ask for reviews digitally with our easy email systems. No need to send the emails or texts manually, let the Rising Tide Reviews (RTR) App work for you.

Generate Consistent Reviews using our easy to use Dashboard

Let the RTR App take over and manage your reputation management campaigns. Studies reveal that 85% of patients consider the reviews older than 3 months as obsolete. The RTR App assists you in getting regular reviews to stay relevant.

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Take Control Of Reviews Posted Online About Your Service.

The RTR App alerts you when patients leave reviews. This allows you to identify unhappy patients and turn them into brand advocates by resolving their issues promptly. Reviews of your service which are posted across platforms will be updated regularly on your dashboard.

Be the Doctor Patients Choose

Attract, acquire and retain more patients with higher ratings and better patient reviews. Patients preferentially choose doctors with higher ratings and reviews.